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July 22, 2015


Good Morning SHS Students and Families,

It is with great pride and excitement that I write to you today as the newly appointed Principal of Stamford High School for the 2015-2016 school year. I possess over 16 combined years of educational experience as both a classroom teacher and assistant principal with a specific concentration in science instruction, scheduling as well as developing enrichment and support and mentorship opportunities for students. Most recently I   have served as an assistant principal at Stamford and Norwalk high schools and I am excited to bring my skills and experiences as an educational and instructional leader to SHS as we prepare for a great renaissance!


The focus of our work at SHS for the upcoming year will concentrate on the 4 'A's: Academics, Attendance, Attitude and Activities. Academics: district and school-based efforts for professional learning will concentrate on developing student-centered learning and promote critical and creative thinking within students and equip students with skills to support our 21st century  learning expectations. Attendance: coordinated efforts will look to increase attendance making SHS a place where people are excited to go and proud to attend. Attitude: a little word with an enormous impact that will be a critical ingredient to our success for the upcoming school year as we look to instill pride, excitement and energy into SHS. Activities: will be increased and supported to provide enriching, rewarding and productive opportunities to reinforce learning, provide enrichment and offer volunteerism opportunities as we learn to foster, develop and assist the growth of our family here at SHS.


Know that as Principal, I  always look forward to talking to you about your children. Take a moment to introduce yourself and I look forward to meeting you all at SHS events and gatherings throughout the year! I anticipate a most successful year as our staff prepares to meet and exceed the academic, social and emotional needs of your children here at Stamford High School. I  am confident that our collaborative efforts will assist in developing thoughtful citizens who are critical thinkers, effective communicators and the future productive contributors to both Stamford and the Global communities and we put Stamford High School back in its rightful place as the great  school on the hill!


Raymond Manka

Principal Stamford High School


'Life is to rise and not rest'

Football practice will start on August 21st.

All other fall sports will begin practicing on Aug 27th

This includes boys and girls soccer, cross country, cheerleading ,volleyball, field hockey and girls swimming.

The nurse will be in her office for blue cards and physicals on August 20th and 21st from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and on August 22nd from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

FIRST PRACTICE - August 27th at 3:30 pm to 6;30 pm in Boyle Stadium
ALL GRADES 9th-12th
AUGUST 27th THURSDAY  3-5:30
AUGUST 28th FRIDAY        3-5:30
Freshmen try-outs will resume on Monday 3-5

August 27th 2:30 Boyle Stadium


August 27th 8:00 am at the Westhill pool
 Registration and collection of blue cards August 26th ,2:30 pm on the soccer field
                Tryouts will take place on August 27th ,double sessions 8:30 am first session and 2:30 pm second session.

The Stamford High School partnership of administrators, faculty, and staff believes that all students can learn. We believe that we must provide a rigorous, relevant curriculum for all students that promotes critical and creative thinking and works to engage all students regardless of their varied abilities and backgrounds.  To do so, we must give students multiple opportunities to succeed in the high school experience as well as set high expectations for all students and hold them, and ourselves, accountable.  We must also foster and maintain a culture that focuses on the importance of academics and routinely celebrates academic achievement.  It is our responsibility to model life-long learning, civic engagement, and respect and tolerance for diversity and for each other.

The Stamford High School faculty has created the following 21st Century Learning Expectations and will work together to ensure that all students master these skills at a proficient level (or above) by the time they graduate in preparation for college and/or the workplace. Students will have the skills and knowledge necessary to:

 Academic Expectations:

1. Read and understand complex texts from all content areas, including visual texts, in order to extract information from them.

2. Write cohesively and cite evidence when synthesizing information from multiple texts.

3. Use critical thinking skills to analyze, interpret, and solve multi-step real-world problems.

4. Conduct research to build and present knowledge individually or in groups.

Social Expectation:

5. Develop an understanding of a healthy intellectual, physical, social, and emotional lifestyle.

Civic Expectation:

6. Develop an understanding of the meaning of citizenship.


School-wide Analytic Rubrics for 21st Century Learning Expectations


Monday, August 31, 2015
7:20 AM - 2:05 PM
NO SCHOOL - Labor Day
Monday, September 07, 2015
All Day
NO SCHOOL - Rosh Hashana
Monday, September 14, 2015 - Tuesday, September 15, 2015
All Day
NO SCHOOL - Yom Kippur
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
All Day


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