Class Schedule - 2015-2016

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Program of Studies

Period 1 Study Hall
Period 2 Guitar 1
Period 3 Guitar 1
Period 4 ECE Music Fundamentals 1
Period 5  
Period 6 Concert Band
Period 7 Jazz Band 


Period 1 Study Hall 
Period 2 Guitar 2
Period 3 Guitar 2
Period 4 ECE Music Fundamentals 2 
Period 5  
Period 6 Concert Band 
Period 7 Jazz Band 


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Welcome to the Stamford High School Band!   My name is George Beratis and I am honored to begin my 7th year here as Band Director.  I am a 2002 graduate of Stamford High and I currently teach Concert Band, Jazz Band, Big Band, Marching/Pep Band, Winter Percussion, Pit orchestra and Guitar Class.

For more than 80 years the Stamford High School Band has been an vibrant part of the school and community.  The 2016/2017 school year promises to continue that tradition and will be filled with great music, exciting travel opportunities and a very challenging performance schedule.  There are three school concerts scheduled.  Our award winning Marching Band will perform at five football games and present a half-time show in addition to marching in four local parades.  Our competitive Winter Percussion Program will continue to impress.   Students have been invited to perform in the Pit Orchestra for the drama production, "Almost Maine,"  and we will be attending Disney World in the Spring of 2017.   

On this page, you will be able to listen to mp3's of the current music we are rehearsing for our shows, watch instructional videos about musical concepts, gather information about up and coming shows, and see pictures and videos of live SHS performances. Below, you will find an interactive calendar of practice/homework assignments, performances, and important dates.

Please visit the Parent link on the right where you can find information about our Band Parent Organization, volunteer opportunities and fundraising efforts.

If you have any questions and need to contact me directly, please either call my office at 203-977-4306, or email me at I look forward to speaking and making music with all of you.

 I leave you with one of my favorite quotes.....


 "Play the music, not the instrument." ~Author Unknown

 Mr. George Beratis                               


Stamford High Black Knights Standout Awards and Acknowledgements


2000- SHS Marching Band- National Citrus Bowl Champions in Orlando, Florida 

2008- SHS Marching Band- Musical Arts Conference Class III Champions

2008- SHS Winter Percussion- Open Class Finalists- 7th place in International Competition- Dayton, Ohio 

2010- SHS Winter Percussion- Independent A Class Finalists- 10th place in International Competition- Dayton, Ohio 

2015- SHS Winter Percussion- Musical Arts Conference A class Champions 

2015- SHS Winter Percussion- A Class Semi-Finalists- 25th place in International Competition- Dayton, Ohio 

2015- SHS Concert Band- Participants in USBands Concert Series at the Verizon Kimmel Center- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

2016- SHS Marching Band- Performed the National Anthem at Citi Field for a New York Mets home game- Queens, NYC 


Contact Information


203-977-4306- Office 

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Program of Studies Descriptions

Concert/Marching Band

This is a performance-based class dedicated to advanced instrumental music. Participation in concert and marching band in the fall is required. Each student participates at band performances in school and the community. All band students must read music and have played in a middle school band for at least one year. 


Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble is an advanced class utilizing music theory and history. A varied repertoire of jazz music is student and rehearsed, exploring the melody, harmony, rhythm and style unique to jazz music. Improvisation is taught and performed on a daily basis. Jazz is a performance-based class with required participation in class and concerts. 



Guitar Instruction 1

This course is intended for student who have little or no experience on a musical instrument. Students will learn the basics of chords, rhythm and notation for the guitar. This class will focus on the dundamentals of playing the guitar while performing music from various cultures and styles. This is a performance-based class where students will be working alone and in groups. (Students must own or rent their own guitar. An acoustic guitar is recommended; no amplifiers will be allowed.)


Guitar Instruction 2

This course is intended for students who have experience on the guitar. The focus of this class is to further students' abilities on the guitar through sight-reading and performing music from various cultures and styles. This is a performance based class where students will be working alone and in groups. (Students must own or rent their own guitar. An acoustic guitar is recommended; no amplifiers will be allowed.)


AP Music Theory 

 The Advanced Placement (AP) Music Theory course enables highly motivated students to do college level work in the areas of reading and analyzing notated music and aural training. Particular emphasis will be placed upon developing listening skills, sight singing ability and knowledge of rhythm, melody, harmony, form and other compositional devices. The successful student will be endowed with the skills necessary to function intelligently in any musical situation. The work of the course will emphasize preparation for the Advanced Placement Music Theory examination. 


UCONN ECE Fundamentals and Ear Training 1&2


Basic skills in note reading, rhythm, meter, pitch symbols, scales, key-signatures, intervals, triads, sight-singing, and dictation. No previous training is required.



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