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ECS application CLICK HERE

What is ECS?

ECS is a new and exciting program offered to ALL SPS 8th grade students. 

ECS will allow SPS students the opportunity to graduate high school and earn an associate degree in a technology based field in 4-6 years!    Through creative scheduling, and dual enrolled courses, students can earn both college and high school credit through a single course.  Students must demonstrate readiness before enrolling in college courses.

Daily after school tutoring, a summer program, and a Chromebook for each ECS scholar!

Application and interview process will establish an initial cohort of 50 students who will open ECS Fall


ECS Partnerships

Stamford Public Schools- Students are enrolled as Stamford High School students and will complete their SPS graduation requirements, sports, clubs and other activities at SHS.


Norwalk Community College- ECS students will become a member of the NCC student body and once a student demonstrates college readiness, they will begin NCC courses!  Some courses may be taught at SHS using adjunct NCC professors while others may include NCC staff at SHS with the opportunity later in the program allowing students to travel to NCC campuses (transportation will be provided) for classes as well!


Mayor's Youth Employment ProgramWill provide ECS students with PAID internships during the summer of their Junior year in a placement that will allow students to put their new found technology skills and knowledge to use!


Stamford Public Education Foundation- or SPEF, will be provided a 1:1 mentor throughout your involvement at ECS.  Mentors and ECS students will meet in person at SHS events a minimum of 4 times over the course of a school year and another 4 times using a secure and monitored electronic platform.  SPEF mentors are Inspiring, caring and encouraging role models who will provide meaningful feedback and guidance on coursework, scheduling and strategies and tools for navigating through the high school and college aspects of the ECS program.  SPEF mentors will serve as a 'window' into careers, emphasizing workplace learning skills, assisting with with goal setting and monitoring, and even FAFSA completion!


Beyond Limits Academic ProgramBeyond Limits is excited to offer a one week intensive summer program (Week of August 14th)


What should ECS Scholars, and families, expect?

ECS is focused on providing an in-depth technology based education designed to prepare students to be successful in a variety of technical college and career fields.   ECS will be a combination of classroom learning, blended digital learning, practical and hands-on experiential learning


Benefits of becoming an ECS Scholar?

While ECS is a technology driven program, students will be provided with universal skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, time management and others which translate across all career and college fields.  All ECS student will be provided with an SPS issued Chromebook, participate in a paid internship during the summer going into their senior year, have a 2-week summer programming, have access to after-school academic support and receive wraparound college supports from NCC liaisons as an official student of NCC.  



Application process:

Application opens FRIDAY 4/21

Week of 4/24-4/29- Visit to each middle school; speak to students and ECS presentation

4/26 ECS informational session RM01 6-7PM

4/28 ECS informational session RM101 8-9AM

Application completion date: FRIDAY MAY 12th

Week of 5/15-5/19 Application review

Week of 5/22-5/26 Interviews at each middle school with prospective candidates

5/29-6/1 Final selection

6/2 All families notified and waiting list open until first day of school


ECS application CLICK HERE


Click on the images below to access additional resources:


ECS Brochure

ECS Student Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Program





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