SAT Test Preparation - Daily diagnostic quizzes. Our list of 5000 SAT test vocabulary words is broken down into "easy-to-learn" daily lists and quizzes.

INeedAPencil - Designed by certified teachers and expert SAT tutors, lessons and explanations will teach you how to effectively answer every SAT question "There are practice questions that appeal to interests of an average teenager like sports and music. The lessons are written in a conversational tone so that reading them is bearable. The cool tools of the program include customized practice sessions so you can get a specific set of practice questions that focus on your time needs or skill weaknesses. Also each practice session provides you with a summary of performance and a projected SAT score at its conclusion."

My SAT Practice- practice questions in critical reading, mathematics and writing, vocabulary practice, and test taking strategy tips

Official SAT Practice Test from the College Board website - Sign in or register to access your free practice test. (registration is free)

Online Test Page- [ this page opens in a new window ] Free online tests for ACT and SAT

Practice Questions- The SAT Preparation Center provides you with exercises where you can learn about question types and their answers, as well as approaches for test day.

SAT/ACT Math Reasoning

SAT Practice Exam- online practice from

SAT Question of the Day- from

SAT Sentence Completion Quizzes-Sentence completion questions account for about one quarter of the marks for the verbal section of SAT I. Each question contains one or two blanks, and you have to find the best answer choice to make the sentence make complete sense. Click the quiz you wish to complete on the right side.

SAT Question of the Day from the College Board Online. You get an answer, an explanation of the answer and a rating of the difficulty of the question. Rx - visit this site every day!

SAT Vocabulary Enrichment- Each Quiz picks 10 questions from a fifty word list and you can hear the word spoken, allowing you to not only learn its definition, but how its pronounced.

SAT Vocabulary Practice- online quizzes

SAT Vocabulary Quiz (only words beginning with A are on the free quiz)

Ten Tips for a Higher SAT Score- suggestions from a professional SAT coach

Test Prep Review is a free service of a group of educators. This web site was created to provide free practice test questions for students in a variety of career situations. The site contains a modular approach to learning the content on these exams.

Test Prep -Excellent videos that help students practice for the SAT

Vocab Ahead - Vocabulary videos and flash cards. Can create own lists and incorporate them into a quiz and/or flash cards.

Vocabulary Builder Flashcards -FREE downloadable and printable flashcards online from InsideStory

Vocabulary practice for Sentence Completion, Analogies, and more.

Vocabulary- 100 most common SAT words - online quiz

Vocabulary Tests- online practice from Vocaboly.

Word of the Day- vocabulary skill building from


Standardize Tests - Build students' confidence as you help them master effective test-taking strategies. With these professional tips, sample questions, and lessons, you can more effectively integrate test review exercises into your regular teaching plan without feeling the pressure to cram in test prep.

Peterson's College Search - numerous websites on SAT testing

Princeton Review - SAT Subject Test courses are available in multiple subject areas: Math Level 1, Math Level 2, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and U.S. History.

Language Form and Meaning - test your ability to demonstrate proficiency in key language skills such as grammar and vocabulary in context


Free Practice Tests

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