Seniors should complete the scholarship survey on Naviance in order to be eligible for our local Stamford High School scholarships.  Throughout the months of December-May students will receive email notifications about specific scholarships that he or she may be eligible for and then can begin the application process.

Many local clubs, organizations, unions, and individuals offer scholarship aid to those in need or who simply meet the criteria. Stamford High students should take full advantage of these scholarship opportunities. With a little effort students planning to further their education can be helped financially.

Scholarship Information is updated in Naviance.  Please be sure to check it out during the winter and spring.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to direct your questions towards Ms. Andrena Forlenzo,

Scholarship Information Not Posted in Naviance

HBCUConnect has a large database (over 1,000) of scholarships for students attending HBCU's or for African American students.  Please check out for opportunities.  You may need to create a free account to view the scholarships.

2015-2016 Award Recipients:

Carolina Amigo

Isaiah Appolon

Alex Arce

Alexa Baer

Gilmar Barrios

Veronique Bazelais

Amanda Braatz

Mackenzie Brown

Monifa Brown

Kayleigh Browning

Mariana Bueno

Eyline Cabrera

Maradona Cadet

Gissel Campos

Madilyn Caruso

Susana Cevallos

Christopher Clemmenson

Kaitlyn Cody

Eve Critelli

Hannah Davis

Jason Deandressi

Matthew Denicola

Clara Desir

Christopher Desir

Sarah Druckman

Destiny Elliott

Courtney Fahan

Shayla Farrow

Doron Feller

Juliana Ferrero

Allison  Ferro

Julian Gallego

Stefania Gelonesi

Patrick  Geyer

Kacey Gill

Debrow Giscombe

Mareesca Gordon

Kaitlyn Hutter

Noe Jacotin

Madison Johnson

Trevor Kaufman

Samuel Kim

Narendran Krishnan

Jennifer Krupa

Alexandra Lemekha

Dylan Longo

Nicole LoRusso

Andy Louis

Shaina Lubliner

Adam Luciano

Miguel Machado

Erin Maher

Abigail  Marton

Lilian Matute

Darlene Maxilis

Ivory McCulley

Connor  McDonough

Matthew Mulhall

Anderson Munoz

Khamera Murphy

Veda Pandya

Saumya Parikh

Ameya  Phansalkar

Nii  Pobee

Kimberly Pracilio

Juniareen Pun

Namrata Ramakrishna

Jason Rich

Rickah Roc

Katelyn Ross

Juan Pablo Ruiz Quintero

Caroline Ryan

Joana Sandoval

Druckman Sarah

Roxana Saravia

Rebecca Satz

Justin   Sciglimpaglia

Mark Serrichio

Robert Shtufaj

Matthew Sieh

David Simek

Stanley St. Rose

Karol Suchowiecki

Avery tappe

Chris Taylor

Ivanna Vintonyak

Ricardo Vivar

Kacper Wasniewski

Kyla Wright

Andrew Young

James Zhan

Jennifer Zheng

Sarah Zsemblik



David Sottosanti (President) and Rebecca Satz (student) for the Rachel A. Sottosanti Scholarship Award


Shaina Lubliner with school counselor, Anna Murray, for the Ellen Camhi Scholarship Award


President Stanley Esposito, Lorraine Olsen, Nicole LoRusso, Kaitlyn Hutter, Stefania Gelonesa, Mr. Augustyn (School Counselor), Mark Serrichio, Jason DeAndressi & Rick Castiglione (Committee Chairman) for the UNICO Scholarship Award


Matthew Laskowski (Assistant Principal), Claudia Berlage (Assistant Principal), Rafael Escobar (Assistant Principal), Raymod Manka (Principal), Jim Moriarty (Athletic Director), Mr. Augustyn (School Counselor), Madison Johnson (Student), Matthew Forker (Assistant Principal), Curtis Tinnin (Assistant Basketball Coach), Diane Burns (Head Basketball Coach), Lauren Beluk (Assistant Basketball Coach)

for Stamford's State Street Debating Society Award


Rebecca Hannah (WHS student), Shayla Farrow (student), Doran Feller (student), Mayor Martin, Governor Malloy, Eve Critelli (student), Mr. Augustyn (School Counselor), Nii Pobee (student) for the Stamford's Jewish War Veteran's Citizen of the Year