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School Profile


Stamford High School is located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, 35 miles northeast of New York City. Stamford High School opened as a one-room school in 1874 and has evolved into a comprehensive four-year institution with over 100 classrooms, including technological and vocational labs. The curriculum has expanded to 150 courses, offering a diverse and challenging program of study for a student body that is continually evolving. Our students represent a wide range of intellectual abilities and socioeconomic backgrounds, mirroring our diverse community with its special blend of cultures. Recognizing that students have various learning styles, teachers design instruction and create learning environments to meet their needs. The professional staff is committed to preparing students to meet district, state, and national standards. Instructional programs are based on clearly established objectives with high expectations of achievement. This preparation, along with extensive co-curricular activities, empowers students to acquire the self-discipline, skills, and attitudes necessary to achieve academic excellence, meet career goals, and contribute to society in a responsible and productive manner. In order to promote academic, social, emotional, ethical, artistic, and physical development, Stamford High School provides fair and consistent discipline, effective communication, and a safe environment in an atmosphere of respect, trust, and cooperation. The dedicated and expert staff, broad curriculum, parental involvement, active community, rich tradition, and diverse student body are the foundation for our students' success.

2023-2024 Stamford High School School Profile