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About the CCC

The College & Career Center offers students access to computers, books, test preparation booklets, military information and current up-to-date college information. Students can use the computers to run job searches, complete college applications, register for admissions tests, register for the SAT/ACT, run a college search and/or take inventories, etc.

Come to the College & Career Center located on the first floor, Room 163, for assistance with any of the above. If the room is closed, please see Ms. Forlenzo, across the hall, in the School Counseling Suite.




The Stamford High School College & Career Center is an additional resource available to our students. There are 2 adjacent rooms that make up the College & Career Center (CCC). The first room across from the School Counseling Suite houses all of our resources. We have a filing cabinet filled with brochures and opportunities available for our students. We also have bookshelves filled with test prep materials, Connecticut's college and university information, career options, military options, etc. The larger room holds 12 computers and tables for studying. Students are encouraged to come to the CCC to study, research, work on inventories, scholarship search, complete applications, etc.  

Unfortunately the rooms can not be accessed by students without supervision. This is where parent volunteers are needed. Volunteers are needed to supervise the space, which means checking for passes and having students sign in, do some light filing, keep information up-to-date, etc. Volunteers must go through the required district background check and must be fingerprinted at the government center. 

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer in our CCC I will need you to complete the steps below:

1. Complete application here. Please note on your application that you are interested in volunteering at the SHS College & Career Center.

2. After completing application, please mail it to:

Office of Family & Community Engagement
P.O. Box 9310
Stamford, CT 06904

3. Email Ms. Forlenzo to let her know that you have submitted an application. She will be able to follow up and check to make sure it was received.

4. Once your references have been checked by Human Resources they will call you to schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted and have a background check. 

5. After receiving this phone call, please contact Pat Cunningham, (203) 977-4101, to schedule your appointment for fingerprinting.

For all of this information you may visit the Stamford Public Schools Volunteer Opportunities page.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Andrena Forlenzo, at (203) 977-5754 or by email.

Standardized Testing Updates:

PSAT Information:
All SHS Juniors and Sophomores took the in-school PSAT on January 26th. Scores are now available by using their access code.

With your access code you can create a CollegeBoard account and link to Khan Academy, which will give you specific recommendations to prepare and improve.

SAT Information:
The in-school SAT is being offered for all Juniors at a date YTBD.

For the most up-to-date information please bookmark Collegeboard Coronavirus Updates.

High School Code: 070750


College CoVid-19 Update

  • (Due to COVID-19 each college and university is offering various options for visits, including virtual and in-person. Please see their sites for more information.)

  • Schools want to make sure that current juniors/seniors still receive the information needed to begin to make educated decisions regarding the schools they are interested in pursuing for their college education. As a result many schools have implemented the following changes. You are encouraged to check with each school individually, but these are some common trends that have been implemented:

    • Virtual campus tours

    • Scheduled virtual information sessions

    • Test optional for the SAT/ACT

    • Leniency with Pass/Fail grading

College Planning Information

  • The Overall College Process
  • College Representative Visits to SHS
  • Tests for College Admissions (PSAT / SAT / SAT II / ACT) & Fee Waivers
  • College Quick Facts and Terminology
  • Helpful Websites and Other Resources
  • Checklists and Timelines
  • FAFSA and CSS Profile
  • FAQ's
  • Visiting Colleges and Interviews
  • Scholarship Information
  • Dispelling Myths about College Admissions
  • Career Interest Inventories
  • Military Information & ASVAB Test
  • Internships / Work Experience
  • Helpful Websites
  • Summer Opportunities

Interview Preparation

Interview Follow Up

Andrena Forlenzo, College & Career Center Coordinator
(College representative visits, field trips, college/career focused classroom presentations, scholarships)
Phone: (203) 977-5754
Email: Click here.