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College Athletics/NCAA Eligibility

College Bound Athletes


If a student plans to enroll in college as a freshman and wishes to participate in Division I or II intercollegiate athletics, your initial-eligibility status must be determined by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. Students should enroll in the Clearinghouse if they have a belief/desire that they can participate in college level athletics. 

The NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete, provided by the FCIAC, is a beneficial resource for student-athletes and parents to help lead them through this process.

At the end of senior year, all athletes must release their final grades with their school counselors. Their final grade will then be sent to the Clearinghouse. Failure to do so will result in ineligibility to play a sport freshman year at college.

Francene Moavero, School Counselor, is Stamford High School's contact for the NCAA Clearinghouse. Any questions should be directed to her or call (203) 977-4279. Student-athletes can now register online. Click on Prospective Student-Athlete, then Domestic Student Release form and follow the directions given.

Preliminary requirements to be certified by the Clearinghouse, are included here.