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Mastery Based Learning

Mastery-based learning ensures that a student has acquired the knowledge and skills deemed essential to success in every postsecondary - college and career environment and in adult life. Students will receive one credit upon successfully demonstrating subject matter content mastery achieved through educational experiences and opportunities that provide flexible and multiple pathways to learning.

For students to receive credit for Mastery-Based Learning, they must fill out a google form that has a deadline of February 16th.

Starting Freshmen year options include:

  • FCIAC Recognition- Any recognition like an honorable mention
  • LAS Link score of proficiency
  • Recognition of achievement in a state or national competition- This can be an in any area. Examples include sports in and outside school and extracurricular activities like Eagle Scout or any competition.
  • Recognition as an AP Scholar (receives a score of 3 or more on 3 AP exams)
  • Seal of Biliteracy
  • SAT Score College and Career Readiness Benchmark for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 480
  • SAT Score College and Career Readiness Benchmark for Math: 530
  • Student Self-Designed Project (prior approval required)
  • Internship/Volunteer/Work (after school/weekend job) (must equal 120 hours, a combination of both is acceptable)
  • ACT Score: English 18
  • ACT Score: Math 22
  • ACT Score: Reading 22
  • ACT Score: Science 23
  • ACT Score: ELA 20

Students will need to fill out this form and upload their documentation to show they have completed the option they picked, i.e., a letter on official letterhead from your place of employment/volunteer or a certificate of recognition for options like FCIAC or competition you participated.

Students must upload their plans if they decide to do a student-designed project. Please keep in mind that their project must be tied to standards. Those standards, as well as the form to upload their plan, are here.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Paola Ochoa, Department Head of School Counseling at