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Working Papers (Form ED-301)

xcept in limited circumstances, all Connecticut children (i.e., minors) under the age of 18 must have Working Papers if they are applying for a job. The purpose of Working Papers is to ensure the safety of children in the workplace by:

  • properly documenting the minor’s age;
  • ensuring that minors are employed in occupations that are acceptable under the law; and
  • ensuring that working conditions and hours will not interfere with the minors’ education or put their safety at risk.

The staff at Westhill High School understands the importance of family and school partnerships to maximize a student’s college and career readiness potential. As partners, we share the responsibility for starting conversations with our students on the connection between their education and future career planning and experience.

When choosing a job and determining what documentation is necessary for employment, parents and guardians play an integral role in ensuring that their child makes an informed decision. Additionally, it is essential for students to develop work-readiness skills, such as working in teams, problem-solving and leadership skills.

Connecticut child labor laws are designed to protect the health and education of young workers under the age of 18 years old. Parents can help best by understanding the protections and safeguards of the child labor laws and how they are applied.

School Role

  • The superintendent or his/her designee shall issue Working Papers to any resident minor who desires employment, is within the allowable ages, and whose prospective job meets the statute.

Employer Role

  • A prospective employer must provide a written promise of employment to the minor.  This letter must include the job title, detailed list of duties, hourly wages, hours per week the minor will work, and the employer’s signature.

Educators and employers have a responsibility to provide children with the education and experiences that will prepare them to be college and career ready. Our primary concern, whether minors are learning in school or out in the workforce, is that our children are safe. 

Please feel free to call us at 203-977-4477 with any questions you may have. More information about minor employment laws is available at